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West Midlands Geodiversity Partnership — Position Statement


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The West Midlands Region Geodiversity Partnership is a forum of the key organisations interested in geodiversity at the regional level which are working to conserve and enhance the Geodiversity of the West Midlands for landscape, geological features and people with particular reference to geotourism and education.

Our key objectives are:

  1. To work together, and with other interested parties, to
    • identify and agree regional geodiversity priorities
    • share best practice and experience in the fields of geoconservation, education and geotourism
    • agree and work towards a common policy on data issues and data standards
    • promote and facilitate partnership and joint project working for geodiversity delivery
    • actively seek resources to enable members/partners to carry out these tasks effectively and efficiently
  2. To promote, facilitate and review the delivery in West Midlands of:
    • The Objectives and Targets of Local Geodiversity Action Plans and the National GAP
    • The Objectives and Targets of geological Local Record Centres
    • The selection, monitoring, recording, managing and reviewing Local Geological Sites (RIGS/Geological SINCs or equivalent local designations)
    • Interpretation and promotion of designated sites and the wider geodiversity resource
  3. To raise awareness and appreciation and to promote geodiversity as a key constituent of sustainable development together with the contribution it makes to the economic future of the West Midlands, with particular reference to education and tourism, and added value for people.
  4. To advise and influence policy makers, public bodies and private companies on strategic issues, regional policies, strategies, work programmes and practices that affect geodiversity throughout the West Midlands region including:
    • To advise regional and sub-regional/local planning authorities, development agencies, local strategic partnerships, and decision makers on geodiversity policies, priorities, targets, indicators, and on practical action, in line with Government Guidance (PPS 9, Local Sites Guidance, Mineral Planning etc)
    • To establish links with key biodiversity and historic environment groups within the region
    • To advise members/partners in their work with mineral extractors to monitor the geology of working quarries and to ensure that quarry restoration programmes adequately cater for the preservation and safe access of geodiversity features
    • To assist members/partners in achieving a common standard of health and safety/risk assessment for working quarries

Our working approach to achieving objectives includes:

  1. Providing the lead on these regional geodiversity objectives, targets and indicators, together with promoting their understanding and benefits for geodiversity and people
  2. Working in partnership with others to facilitate their delivery, within the framework of sustainable development, providing both socio-economic and quality of life benefits, in particular to geotourism and quality of environment agendas
  3. Providing a supportive framework for the implementation of Local Geodiversity Action Plans.
  4. Reporting on the incorporation of geodiversity in policies, strategies and programmes.
  5. Monitoring the contributions made by and achievements for improving and accessing the region’s geodiversity on the ground in partnership with the Regional Assembly, the Regional Development Agency and Government Office.
  6. Securing the necessary resources from both the public and private sector for use by the members/partners.

The framework within which we work:

  1. All partner organisations are independent and come together to focus efforts on our objectives. At the regional strategic level we seek to be the adviser to all relevant bodies including the Regional Assembly and its successors, the Regional Development Agency and Government Office on geodiversity.
  2. We provide a regional framework for Local Geodiversity Action Plans.
  3. To provide a forum for sharing experience and developing best practice for dealing with the geodiversity issues encountered in the region

Signed by:

All partners (11 February 2008)

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