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West Midlands Geodiversity Partnership

Geological Collections in the West Midlands Museums

Museums offer a rich resource for society as a whole, they are special because they collect, preserve and interpret objects through which we are able to gain a window on the world. They represent our Material Culture. The West Midlands region is exceptionally rich in geological heritage and collections of rocks fossils and minerals enrich all of the best natural history museums in the world.

Here in the West Midlands there are several well-appointed museums with great geological collections, expert staff and engaging displays that are well worth a visit.

Listed below are some of the best and their web site details as well as some hot links to other websites that provide good information on geological specimens that you may find here.

Making a Good Collection

If you’re thinking of visiting the midlands to see some of these spectacular natural and man-made wonders of geodiversity you should find all you need on the practicalities of your visit from the following sites.

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